TWICE’s 2nd full album title – ‘I CAN’T STOP ME’ & Tracklist

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1. TWICE!!

2. The names of the songs are in English

3. Hull, Heize wrote the lyrics and Dua Lipa participated in the composition “Behind The Mask”

4. Halloween is coming soon, is it the horror concept?

5. Ahhhhhh ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m really looking forward to it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. Wow… I’m really looking forward to the members’ lyrics ㅠㅠ

7. The members participated a lot in writing lyrics

8. I’m really looking forward to it…. Lee Woomin and KENZIE’s songs are my favoritesㅋㅋㅋ Wow, Heize and Dua Lipa

9. Hull daebak 13 songs

10. I want to see the teaser video soon. I’m so excited, I’m curious about the songs the members participate in

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