TWICE Sana, Gorgeous blonde hair photo

TWICE Sana looks pretty and gorgeous with blonde hair

original post: naver

1.[+105, -13] Sana, you’re so pretty.

2. [+56, -6] Sana is LOVE, I’m always proud and happy thanks to you.

3. [+42, -12] Sometimes Sana is mistaken for a Korean. She’s pretty and her hair is also good. I think she can speak Korean better than me.

4. [+34, -7] You’re so pretty, Sana.

5. [+12, -3] Beauty is crazy. Why are you so pretty? Sana?

6. [+18, -10] TWICE, the #1 girl group of all time. Popular. Music. Record. YouTube. The only thing at the top is TWICE. 10 years later, the only thing I can remember is TWICE, a national girl group.

7. [+11, -4] Without SANA how I live

8. [+8, -2] Lovely.

9. [+7, -3] Fancy ~~~ You must listen to it once a day. It’s so good.

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