‘So cute’ ‘Idol Room’, TWICE, ITZY’s ‘DALLA DALLA’ dance cover

TWICE shows love for ITZY on 'Idol Room'

On April 23 and April 30, TWICE will be appearing on the variety show for a two-episode special celebrating the program’s first anniversary.

TWICE has described ITZY as “too cute.” “They personally made their own placards and came to cheer us on during our dome tour.”

Tzuyu praised ITZY, “I found myself watching their performances over and over. I hope that they take their time and learn the ropes step by step.”

Chaeyoung made everyone laugh by adorably declaring, “I had the thought that I’m not young anymore.”

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1.[+62, -4] Dahyun’s hair is really white this time, but her skin is bright because of that hair.

2. [+28, -1] TWICE ‘DALLA DALLA’ Cover…. family

3. [+27, -19] The girl group’s overwhelming one-top TWICE.

4. [+8, -2] I love you, sisters.

5. [+2, -0] This is TWICE’s main show. lol

6. [+2, -0] TWICE and ITZY are the best. It’s so exciting.

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