TWICE’s world tour’s LA concert’s arena is sold out

TWICE shows their popularity in America
TWICE shows their popularity in America

Ever since debut, TWICE has never targeted America to promote. All they did was come to the US through a concert hosted by a radio station like KCON but the response was really very good.

There are still more than 2 months until the tour around the world in America region but as soon as the ticket sales in LA started, it was sold out. You cann’t buy tickets in other cities because of the resellers. Certainly before the concert starts, all will be sold out. Very amazing!

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1.[+73, -10] Anything TWICE do, they will attract attention and do well because starting from their determination is different. They didn’t lose their rookie mindset and work hard, their main job loyalists can only succeed … I’m disappointed to see that many people say TWICE’s style is not the same as America. We are Kpop should be enough to express Kpop style. Wouldn’t it be funny if an American-style Asian copy?

2. [+59, -4] Proud of TWICE, they did well

3. [+53, -4] Is that really daebak, is it only once at KCON? Other than that they have never been there

4. [+22, -2] Hul daebak. I’m an Army but congrats, I hope it goes well

5. [+21, -4] Location is Arena, many other groups have not sold out

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