TWICE performed live at the TWICELIGHTS Seoul yesterday

original post: theqoo

1.LIVE is a little annoying … I heard a beep .. Jihyo met a bit difficult.

2. They really can’t sing live. They don’t even dance.

3. They can’t sing live ???? It’s worse than I thought.

4. Singing live is not bad, but it is vague to call it a ballad in a situation like this .. like Ballad doesn’t have time to practice.

5. It was quite shocking ….. They were debuted for a long time, but they were not well trained in vocals.

6. The stage is beautiful.

7. It’s okay.

8. Sounds strange right?

9. They can’t sing a ballad. Can they sing a song with the choreography? Isn’t the song with choreography more difficult because it has to move?

10. I heard that yesterday’s sound was very bad.

11. The first video is too bad …

12. It seems that this is an image maturity without musical maturity.

13. Hull … How do they make dome tours with this skill?

14. If you watch these videos, you may feel that the live version is a bit bad, but the first video is the last song of the concert … there were many dance songs before … I guess because they were so tired near the end of the concert.

15. Sana is better than I thought

16. Is GOT7 good at singing live? I have seen them before, but that is the same company, right?

17. Dance Live is not 100% live but it sounds good because it is attracted by choreography. But for Ballad live, it will be worse than that. I think that is why skills are important.

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