‘Music Bank’ TWICE beats IU to win #1 “Today is our 100th #1”

original post: nate

1. [+869, -46] Park Jin Young is so strict on audition programs but the singing skills of his own artists are…?

2. [+665, -37] Congratulations on the #1 but your live yesterday was reallyㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+636, -43] Can’t believe they can win #1 when they can’t even sing. Even if you say the reason is they have a lot of foreign members, but how long has it been since their debut. How can they just move their mouth to music and win #1? That’s a comedy in itself

4. [+84, -8] They better not start making random promises when they win #1 so they don’t have to sing live at the encore stage. Please let everyone hear how you sound live

5. [+80, -6] Their live skills are undeserving of such a trophy

6. [+74, -10] They’re still the top girl group in Korea… I think it would be good if they practiced singing… Especially Japanese members^^

7. [+67, -4] What did they practice during their trainee days??

8. [+63, -5] How are you a singer if you can’t even sing your own title song???

9. [+57, -5] TWICE’s songs are getting worse. JYP needs to stop touching TWICE’s songs

10. [+51, -5] I’d rather they just make their promise when they win #1 instead of singing live

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