[M Countdown] TWICE’s #1 encore live stage today

original post: theqoo

1. This song is too high..? No, JYP needs to provide them with songs that match their skills

2. To be honest, I understand that Nayeon and Jihyo are tired of having to sing many high lines in a high song.. But the other members seriously can’t sing….

3. I like TWICE, the members are all sincere and kind, and I know that they dance so hard and dance well, but their songs seem too difficult for their singing skills

4. I thought they were singing another group song

5. I feel bad for them, they must get nervous because they know all eyes are watching

6. They did better than yesterday, but why are there so many comments?

7. Poor Nayeon and Jihyo

8. To be honest, the chorus of this song is high… Nayeon and Jihyo did well… The other members seem to sing without confidence

9. Are they singers? What the hell is Park Jin Young doing?

10. I know Jihyo and Nayeon are good, but Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are fine too. I’m not sure about the other members

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