TWICE Momo’s handwritten letter to the fans

“There’s a lot I want to tell ONCE, so I don’t know if this letter will be well-organized. But I wanted to write a letter, so here I am writing it. It’s already my fifth time welcoming the new year with ONCE! The time we’ve spent together feels very long, but it also feels short. Either way, I’m reminded a lot of the memories I made with ONCE.

Each ONCE probably has a different memory they made with us each year, and I’ve also made different memories with ONCE every year. And what remains in my memory is different too. So in 2020, I want to give back the abundant happiness and memories I received from ONCE in 2019, and my goal was to create more joyful memories for ONCE and communicate a lot.

But I surprised ONCE as soon as 2020 started, so I truly feel sorry. To be honest, I contemplated a lot about whether I should write this letter. Whether this letter would hurt ONCE more. Whether not doing anything would be better for ONCE. I was really cautious, but since I’ve always communicated often with ONCE, I wanted to communicate with ONCE in my own way, so I’m writing this letter.

When I was little, I started [being a trainee] simply because I liked to dance, because I liked to sing, because I wanted to become a singer, because I wanted to become a celebrity, and reasons like that. And thankfully, I was able to meet an amazing family called TWICE. And while being a part of TWICE, I met our ONCE.

Of course, I love dancing and singing. But I also have lots of fun communicating with ONCE, and every single thing like that makes me happy. So after I work, on my way home, I think, “Oh, I want to talk to ONCE,” and have so many V Live broadcasts that our managers get tired. Editing and uploading videos isn’t something I do because someone tells me to. I’m only doing it with the thought that ONCE would like it. And taking those videos isn’t work; I went out to have fun during my break, and it was just so nice. That’s what makes me do those things.

Doing those things really doesn’t feel like work to us. We really want to be close to ONCE, and that’s what I really like. When I see ONCE being happy because of us, that makes me happy. When we had the V Live broadcast for seven hours, [which was so long that] ONCE got tired, I really enjoyed it. I’m not trying to brag that I’m doing this much. I wanted to tell you that this is how much I’m thinking about ONCE. I’m really, really thankful to ONCE for communicating with me and giving me so much strength. ONCE is always giving us support, and we want to give you that much support in return.

I’m always proud [of ONCE], and you are very precious to me. I don’t know if my words are properly organized, but I hope that at least a little bit of my sincerity towards ONCE will reach you. The year 2020 is just beginning, so health is the No. 1 [priority] for both ONCE and TWICE!

Everyone will have personal hardships, and there will be annoying or tough things that happen because of us, but I hope that ONCE will experience so many more happy things than tough things.

From now on, I want to create more happy memories for ONCE. I’m always sorry, and I’m truly thankful!

Thank you for reading this long letter even though I’m not very good with words. Happy New Year, ONCE.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. I know why TWICE is so popular. Every time I see something like this.. I can feel their warm heart.

2. I’ll cheer TWICE and Momo till the end. Not just because I’m a fan, because it’s for your life, do whatever you want. Time will solve it all. I hope you show me your great dance.

3. I love your face, your personality and your danceㅎㅎ I hope you will be happy and healthy in the futureㅎㅎ

4. I envy TWICE fans… I also want to be comforted by my fav… My fav is so good to the fans, but I feel TWICE is more friendly.

5. Momo and TWICE fighting!

6. TWICE’s Japanese members even write and speak better than me, a Koreanㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. No … What did she do wrong? Don’t touch herㅠ She was so pretty yesterday

8. I know how you care about your fans…. Momo-ah, do whatever you want and be happy

9. Momo writes better than me… Momo is so cute

10. No, why am I crying? Momo fighting!!!

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