TWICE’s new song ranking on Melon has never been like this

TWICE's new song ranking on Melon has never been like this

The trend of the song is the worst among TWICE’s title songs

It’s worse than FANCY.

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1. No matter how good you are … you can’t always be 1st

2. The girl group songs this year didn’t do well on the chart

3. TWICE’s popularity puts them under pressure whenever they release a new songㅋㅋㅋ

4. They are an idol group, they should try different concepts and find new images of them.

5. Because the song is not good, it’s a natural result

6. It’s a good song.. The song is very good by my standards. I feel TWICE is more mature with this song.

7. I also like FANCY .. this song is not good

8. It’s like a song for fans … Actually, the song for fans is hard to rank well on the charts.

9. I like this song, but now I want them to work with other composers instead of Park Jinyoung.

10. I like the song but it’s not addictive, and idol songs aren’t very popular these days

11. Park Jinyoung’s melody is good, but the layout is monotonous, so it’s not addictive.

12. I like this song so much that I listen to it more than 20 times a day…

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