“Why didn’t you donate to China?…” Chinese netizens angry with Tzuyu after news of her donation to prevent coronavirus

TWICE's Tzuyu was criticized by Chinese netizens after donating to Korea

TWICE’s Tzuyu reportedly donated 50 million won (41,600 USD) to Community Chest of Korea as an aid for those who are affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and sent a personal message saying “I hope for everyone to be healthy.”

Unfortunately, as soon as the news got out on social media, some Chinese netizens criticized the Taiwanese idol and questioned why she did not donate to China.

Fans immediately came to her defense as it was later on revealed that the female idol, in fact, donated to both countries at the same time.

Tzuyu reportedly donated 300,000 RMB (42,900 USD) to China which makes her total donation for two countries 84,500 USD. cr

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1. [+208, -6] Sometimes I really don’t understand Chinese people, they’re unusual people?… The Japanese are mean sometimes, but smart, while the Chinese are childish and shameless, this reporter who transports the words of netizens and raises the number of views.

2. [+105, -3] She also donated 50 million won to China, but the vulgar Chinese who didn’t know the situation, cursing and angry at her. Although discrimination is a disgusting and foolish act, there is nothing we can do about selfish and unshameful behaviors of Chinese people.

3. [+65, -5] Since she makes money in Korea..

4. [+60, -3] Tzuyu is Taiwanese… How can they do that to the people of another country?

5. [+10, -0] Tzuyu is Taiwanese. Why are the Chinese angry?

6. [+9, -0] Why do Taiwanese have to do it in China? Did you want to receive money after cursing for Taiwan?

7. [+4, -0] Don’t touch Tzuyu!!

8. [+4, -0] Stop touching Tzuyu..;

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