‘Rookie of the year’ TXT, ITZY “Every day is like a miracle” [2020 Golden Disc Awards]

TXT and ITZY won the Rookie of the Year at the 2020 Golden Disc Awards.

TXT and ITZY won the best new artist award (Rookie of the Year) at the Golden Disc Awards.

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1. [+384, -70] Congratulations to TXT<3<3 The outfit suits them so well.

2. [+252, -46] Congratulations on TXT’s rookie of the year award. Today’s performance was really cool ㅠㅠㅠ New Rules’ break dance • • I’ve never imagined it ㅠ They’re stage craftsmen.

3. [+153, -35] Congratulations to TXT<3<3 TXT’s 1st anniversary is coming!! Today’s performance was great and beautiful<3<3

4. [+133, -19] Congratulations on TXT’s rookie of the year award. I’m cheering for you, fighting

5. [+125, -19] Congratulations to TXT

6. [+68, -5] TXT’s Yeonjun is a rookie, but I don’t feel that he’s a rookie. His facial expressions and skills look like he has 5 years of experienceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s all natural.

7. [+70, -15] TXT swept the rookie awards in 2019 and there were many people who ridiculed them. Bangtan was also ridiculed at first and they proved they’re the top group in the world now. Congratulations to TXT.

8. [+41, -3] ITZY, TXT, they’re the best rookies.

9. [+46, -4] Congratulations to ITZY~~ They’re the best~~!!

10. [+36, -7] Some of the comments are really crazy… If you can’t congratulate them, please don’t hurt them… I hope you’re ashamed of what you wrote.

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