TXT And VIXX Who Are 181Cm In Average

TXT And VIXX's Average Heights Are 181cm
TXT And VIXX's Average Heights Are 181cm

I can tell that VIXX are overall tall, but I seriously don’t see it with TXT

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1.They looked so short on video, I was shocked when I learned their height

2. Can you guys stop already? Those are kids, the youngest is still in middle school, you guys are so mean attacking their proportions for that

3. Bighit’s rookies are really 180…? Wow their proportions must be really bad

4. 181????????????

5. Is it the cordi’s fault…? Are those kids really 181????

6. OMG VIXX are amazing… Their faces are freaking small

7. TXT must be really popular… Of all the rookie male idols who debuted, they’re the only ones getting dragged

8. Aren’t 5 of TXT members not even adults? Leave those kids alone

9. I’m more shocked that VIXX is only 181…

10. They definitely don’t look 181 …

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