TXT’s Beomgyu reveals the enormous influence of BTS Jimin on him

TXT's Beomgyu shares how Jimin inspired him to work harder at dancing

During a live broadcast, TXT’s Beomgyu opened up about his inspiration when it comes to dancing!

“When we went to BTS’s sunbaenim’s concert, it was the first time I saw their stage. It was their concert in Gocheok. All of the 7 members danced powerfully, but from afar I could really see well that there was someone dancing hard, so I was like “Woah, who’s that?” and it turns out it was Jimin sunbaenim. So even if I was far back, but he was dancing so powerfully that I am still able to feel his energy from there.

How hard must he be dancing? I looked up all of his dance performances, and he was dancing so hard like his bones were about to break, like he was pouring everything into it.” cr

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1. [+2377, -136] Every time I see Jimin on stage, he’s not human. It’s a real sobbing and unforgettable art performance. Beomgyu-ssi, don’t learn how to perform with bones. Just learn to work hard. I’m worried that Jimin might be sick. Fighting~

2. [+1706, -68] The stage energy of the world’s top superstar Jimin has been the driving force behind the world stadium tour. He led the evolution of the performance.

3. [+1630, -53] Jimin is a genius but also a great effort. When I saw Jimin on stage, I was touched by art. Jimin’s performance is the result of Jimin’s blood, sweat and tears. Jimin-ah, always be healthy.

4. [+1355, -47] If you learn from Jimin, you will be successful. Beomgyu-ssi, be a great artist like Jimin~

5. [+260, -13] Jimin has a unique charm on stage. I can see how hard he’s been working, and he’s doing his best, he’s the best.

6. [+218, -12] Jimin is a genius, but he tries so hard that his juniors can’t help but learn from him. Jimin is the genius who always tries.

7. [+182, -10] I love Jimin, a professional national treasure idol who never stops working and is not satisfied even though he’s already at the peak

8. [+157, -5] Jimin is a stage genius

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