TXT’s live encore stage after winning #1 on The Show today

original post: theqoo

1. It’s not very good but if they practice a little more, I’m sure they will do better

2. Wow there are over 2000 comments, TXT is so popularㅋㅋ The new song is so good

3. Who is the main vocalist? I think I’ve seen high school boys go to the karaoke room and sing… It reminds me of Kang Daniel’s encore stage

4. It’s not that they can’t sing, but that song is too high for the male singer..

5. There are a lot of other idols who can’t sing live on the encore stage, so TXT is fine

6. I wish Big Hit would give singers songs that match their abilities

7. I think this is okay, but it’s because I’ve seen a lot of idols who can’t sing live

8. I think Yeonjun did well

9. Big Hit is still the same, their singers don’t practice vocals at all…

10. I think this wasn’t bad, Taehyun did well

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