Phil Quartararo “There are both advantages and disadvantages to BTS’s success, I don’t think there’s only BTS in K-pop”

U.S. music industry leaders discuss BTS's success

U.S. music industry leaders presented their insights on K-pop at MU:CON Seoul 2019.

Phil Quartararo said: “I think there are both advantages and disadvantages to BTS’s success. BTS has been so successful that they have achieved great revenue and popularity in the US.”

“BTS has succeeded, but it’s now time to break stereotypes. It’s important for people to become interested in K-pop through BTS and then become interested other groups. BTS isn’t the end. There are many other groups behind them with the potential to find even greater success.”

Phil Quartararo also said: “I don’t think there’s only BTS in K-pop. The reason for BTS’s success is not because they are from Korea, but because the music is very good. I’m proud of them. I hope everyone here doesn’t devalue that. I want to respect your pride in BTS and and express my respect for BTS.”

Phil Quartararo, who has held positions as CEO at Virgin Records, Warner Bros. Records, and EMI, has played a key role in the successes of Janet Jackson, Madonna, Linkin Park, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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1. [+417, -17] I’m not a BTS fan but to be honest … They’re the best idols in Korea that exists.

2. [+326, -15] Just say a little bit about their achievement. Do you see the Billboard chart? BTS’s album ranked # 1 on that chart. They have sold the most albums this year in the world! Grammy nominations are being reviewed right now. They ranked #1 for 146 weeks on the Billboard Social 50. Who will be able to do this? We have to admit BTS.

3. [+275, -4] Before the success of BTS, most westerners didn’t even know about K-Pop, but now Westerners know about Kpop songs other thanks to BTS. I didn’t know that it was because of BTS. But now I admit it.

4. [+157, -6] Although I’m a TWICE fan, I think BTS is the top K-Pop group. I hope that GOT7 and Stray Kids will learn a lot from BTS as their role models.

5. [+46, -1] I think K-pop is known through BTS. After listening to BTS music, I think their music is really different in Korea. It’s better than I expected.

6. [+34, -1] No group goes beyond Bangtan. Bangtan is breaking their own records again. Look at the Billboard chart. Currently, one group that goes beyond Bangtan’s ability is Bangtan.

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