US Radio, BTS V ‘Game of the thrones’ cites ‘Son of Zeus’ Praise the stage Dionysus

In ‘Show! Music Core’, BTS performed ‘Boy With Luv’ and ‘Dionysus’.

In particular, on the stage of ‘Dionysus’, where the BTS boys’ outstanding performances were the most impressive, drew attention with an intense start and a strong ending.

KISS FM Radio, which has the largest number of channels in the US, cites the famous US drama ‘Game of the throne’. Below!

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1.[+2121, -133] Dionysus, a stage genius of BTS is becoming a reality.

2. [+1430, -132] I watched the ending of Dionysus yesterday and I really admire themㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I think the real god has appeared. Stage genius, BTS, shows charm in each stage.

3. [+1176, -112] Taehyung’s presence in Dionysus is the son of Zeus.When people see Taehyung’s talent on stage, ordinary people don’t know BTS and don’t care about them, they asked me who is handsome and good singing like that. Is that great? BTS.

4. [+857, -78] He now has another nickname ‘Son of Zeus’

5. [+793, -88] BTS V is a king shining on the stage

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