Videos showing BTS’ live singing skills


NPR Tiny Desk Concert



original post: theqoo

1. The members are all good at singing live!!!!! It’s a video that reminds me of a concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Jungkook is really good, if you watch their live stages you will understand why he is the main vocalist

3. What are you guys saying about BTS? Then why can’t other idols sing live as well as BTS? BTS has been recognized worldwide. The Beatles became legendary because they were the best performers in the world at the time. BTS too, they’re good at composing, writing lyrics, and singing live, and they’re cute

4. I like BTS’s live stages

5. When you watch BTS stages, you can understand why BTS is so popular

6. These are my favorite videos

7. They always do well on stage, I’m so happy, I’m so excited~

8. BTS is a living legend

9. How could BTS become singers who held concerts in stadiums all over the world if they have no skills?

10. BTS is good at singing live

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