Viewer ratings of the 20 billion investment CJ-BIG HIT survival show right now

For reference, Boys24’s ratings were: episode 1: 0.3% – episode 2: 0.8%

original post: theqoo

1. Editing is not good, the skills of the kids are not so good, and there’s no visual, so I don’t want to watch the show anymore.

2. There are too many kids who can’t sing

3. I really don’t understand and don’t know if Big Hit has any plans

4. I have fun with episode 2, so I’ll keep watching

5. Except for BTS, I don’t really care about Big Hit

6. So boring… I don’t even know if this is a survival, a documentary or a variety show…

7. They’re just wasting 20 billion won earned by BTS ㅜㅜㅜ

8. Instead, Big Hit should focus on BTS, TXT and even GFriend, Seventeen and NU’EST now..

9. I hate Mnet, I don’t care about Mnet’s survival program anymore

10. By the way, it’s a kind of show like TWICE’s Sixteen, so viewer ratings don’t mean anything to the production team and Big Hit.

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