“Visual blooming” BTS Jin, No.1 Idol together to see cherry blossoms

'Visual blooming' BTS Jin, No.1 Idol together to see cherry blossoms

BTS Jin was chosen as the idol who wants to go together to see cherry blossoms.

Jin, received a total of 200,000 votes, overwhelming 47.36% figure.

Followed by EXO Chen, 22.50%. StrayKids HyunJin ranked third with 10.79%.

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1.[+320, -2] I want to go to the cherry blossom festival with Seokjin! I hope you do well on the Billboard stage. I’ll always cheer you on! BTS Jin hwaiting!

2. [+242, -1] His face is a flower so I can just look at his face.

3. [+129, -1] With Jin, it’s not just watching cherry blossoms. Anywhere is good. I want to see him only once in real life #Seokjin #Kim Seok-jin #JIN #BTS

4. [+114, -0] Heal everything just see his face.

5. [+89, -1] I want to walk along the path of cherry blossoms with BTS Jin. Pacific shoulder! World Wide Handsome! #1 in the world, handsome!

6. [+22, -0] If you look at the picture of Jin with a flower, you can understand why he is called a pretty boy. ‪#Jin #Seokjin #JIN #BTS

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