Aespa’s Karina and all members’ visuals are revealed in real time

Aespa is a new group where the members of the real world and the avatar members of the virtual world coexist, supporting and assisting one another, and they are able to promote together with a revolutionary identity

At 2020 World Cultural Industry Forum

original post: theqoo

1. Aespa has no visual members

2. Their visuals are worse than I thought

3. Winter is cute and pretty,,, I think people will like her when she makes her debut

4. The girl in blue clothes looks like a Chinese

5. No visual members… I was expecting more since they are SM girl group members

6. Winter is really pretty, I know why she was the member who was revealed first

7. Winter is Korean, Ningning is Chinese, Aeri is Japanese, and Karina, is she Korean?

8. Only Winter is pretty..

9. Winter is the visual member..? I think she’s the prettiest in the group

10. Ah… This is the first time I’m disappointed with the visuals of SM girl group…

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