‘VIVIZ’ is said to be the group name for Eunha, SinB and Umji’s girl group


original post: theqoo

1. I don’t really like that name, but I’m glad the three of them signed their contracts with the same agency and will debut as a new unit…

2. The English name is fine, but the Korean name is not so good… I love GFriend so much, I hope they change the Korean name of this unit

3. I don’t like the Korean name. Anyway, I hope they get better

4. I’m a fan of GFriend, no matter what.. I will always support them!!!

5. It’s unique and cute

6. I hope they do a sexy concept as soon as they debut. It’s a 3 member group, so they can focus on singing like TaeTiSeo

7. The group name reminds me of Bibimbap

8. The English name is good, but the Korean name is weird

9. I’m looking forward to this new group, but the group name is a bit weird

10. I think they will be s*xually harassed with that group name