VIXX’s Hongbin, comment on SHINee → Apology “I’m sorry for making a mistake after being drunk”

VIXX's Hongbin apologizes for misunderstood comments about SHINee
VIXX's Hongbin apologizes for misunderstood comments about SHINee

VIXX member Hongbin recently went under fire for some comments he made about other idol groups while live streaming on February 29.

He was going live to celebrate his anniversary on the platform, and had been drinking previous to going live. While watching a compilation of music videos, SHINee’s song “Everybody” came on the mix, and what he said made fans everywhere enraged. “Who the hell added crappy idol song like this to the band music?” he asked. “Idol songs lack quality.”

On March 1, Hongbin went on live stream again to apologize for the things that he said. Looking much more sober, he tried to explain the situation.

“I think it was my mistake. Everything was my mistake. I started streaming on Twitch because I wanted to broadcast my gameplays, so I have been cautious not to mention anything related to my primary job. But I was drunk last night. I wanted to differentiate my persona as a Twitch streamer from my idol persona but I ended up crossing the line.

As a fan of the group, I thought their choreography and performance could be better. I think they are capable of so much more. I didn’t mean to discredit any group. I just wanted to share some thoughts as someone in the industry.” – Hongbin cr

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1. [+712, -4] Wow.. I don’t understand him, he’s making excuses, and he’s rewriting all those words over and over again.

2. [+342, -7] He’s drunk, but who is he to comment on SHINee? Who is he? I think I’ve heard of VIXX, but I don’t know who he is. He already has a crooked mind. Mistake? It’s not a mistake, it is called personality.

3. [+296, -5] He’s a celebrity without work, so he’s doing his own broadcasts and content.

4. [+235, -3] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at him talking without sobering up. When you drink, your personality comes out. I can tell at a glance how you live your life.

5. [+155, -0] What the hell is he saying?

6. [+48, -0] I don’t know why you’re trying to demean idol activities when you’re sharing their work on live broadcasts. It’s amazing that this song can be played or something like that, but as a SHINee fan, I feel so bad. I don’t feel like it’s a valid apology at all, and I don’t feel like it’s a valid excuse. Hongbin, I really enjoyed your performance, but I’m really disappointed with you this time.

7. [+44, -3] Don’t forget that SHINee members are more popular than you areㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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