VLive rules that all idol fans agree on

It was made by a TXT fan (Moa)

“Please call my name!! Please don’t do it”

“Something behind them!! Don’t say these things. It’s not fun, and it worsens the situation. And, you will see that the person who gets targeted doesn’t feel very good. Please respect this rule.”

original post: theqoo

1. Some people say they’re sleepy in the comments section? Please don’t say this

2. As expected, MOAs are so smart

3. This is why I don’t look at the comments section during VLives

4. I agree.. TXT fans are cute

5. But what should we do when the antis intentionally write those comments?

6. I wish VLive would play these rules as a commercial video before any of the livestreams begin

7. Don’t whine about being sleepy, just turn off your phone when you’re sleepy

8. I agree with every one of them

9. Please don’t mention other singers!!

10. Aren’t these basic etiquettes??

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