Wanna One and ‘Street Woman Fighter’ dance crews confirmed to attend MAMA 2021

10 members of Wanna One except Lai Kuan Lin will attend MAMA 2021

original post: theqoo

1. Mnet really has no conscience, they’re just taking advantage of Wanna One

2. I guess if they don’t want to attend, Mnet will force them

3. What? They are all doing well, leave them alone

4. Wanna One?? Mnet is crazy

5. I want to see Wanna One again, but I feel like CJ forced them to attend MAMA…

6. Only X1 is pitiful

7. I’m a Wannable too, but Mnet, do you still have a conscience??? Ahn Joon Young is in prison, right?

8. Please stop, I really hate it

9. I feel sorry for X1

10. The fans don’t want this and the public doesn’t want this either, so why do they still do it?