“We apologize” … Australia’s talk show mocks BTS, Where is your sincerity?

"We apologize" … Australia's talk show mocks BTS, Where is your sincerity?
"We apologize" … Australia's talk show mocks BTS, Where is your sincerity?

“We apologise for any disrespect and offence taken.”

However, many fans claim that apology is not enough. The purpose of the apology, the object of apology is unclear.

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1.[+1067, -8] Australia’s public broadcasting program, which made a distraught, rough apology to Army around the world trying to protest as politely as possible. Now that all the news media in the world of the UNICEF are moving and the Korean broadcasting company is reporting, I think it is trying to cover things up, but they can’t do that. It’s disgusting and humorous? Not only BTS and Army but also the Korean Asians and the boy bands and their fans?

2. [+385, -3] Is that an apology?

3. [+245, -2] In a word, they are filthy

4. [+197, -2] Now is the time! Cypher 5

5. [+172, -46] A country made by taking crushing criminals from England a seed-first defect

6. [+67, -0] Australia… I wish it wasn’t true, but it’s true. There are many strange white people in society who look at their own self-affirmation, and they are really rude to others. There are so many unpleasant memories that they consider themselves central and rude. Honestly, they felt cowardly when faced with a typical strong person and burst out more than them. I want you to give me a good apology about what happened to BTS and Army.

7. [+66, -0] It’s not just BTS. You mocked Korean Asian. I think it’s a heartless apology. It’s not just the bullet-proof fans asking for an apology.

8. [+64, -0] You’ve mocked BTS and Army all over the world, Koreans, Asians, Americans, Billboard. And although gay marriage has been passed, you’ve turned these minorities into a mockery!! It’s not a humor, it’s a testament to your own ignorance, it’s just a worldwide ad that the Australian public broadcasting is terrible! Goodbye~ The uncivilized ones!

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