Weekly ranking trend of TWICE’s title songs

Weekly ranking trend of TWICE's title songs

DTNA surpassed TT

original post: theqoo

1.I think DTNA comes back to rankings because this is summer.

2. Everyone listens to DTNA in the summer.

3. I’m listening to DTNA again.

4. If DTNA gets out of the rankings in the rainy season, it will return in the summer.

5. I think it’s great to see Fancy’s favorite better than YOY.

6. Fancy good rank in 2 ~ 3 weeks. Now there are many sajaegi.

7. DTNA, I think the song will be difficult for everyone to listen to during the rainy season.

8. DTNA is perfect for the summer.

9. I think Fancy ranks high on the chart if you remove sajaegi songs.

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