[Direct interview] Westlife “BTS is a Kpop leader… working together”

Westlife said they wanted to cooperate with BTS in an interview

Westlife said, “I think it would be fun to work with BTS boys who are at the forefront of the growing Kpop world. Recently I also saw Ed Sheeran working with BTS and I think we should work together if there is a chance in the future.”

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1.[+151, -0] World-Class BTS <3<3

2. [+74, -0] Top artists want to make music with BTS, BTS is the only artist in Korea worthy enough

3. [+23, -3] BTSpop really great

4. [+15, -0] Great~~~~

5. [+11, -0] Bangtan

6. [+3, -0] A lot of overseas artists want a collaboration.There are a lot of singers who want to see BTS on Billboard. It exceeded my expectations.

7. [+1, -0] There are many opinions who don’t know Westlife. You may not know this. But some of Westlife’s famous songs, especially ‘My Love’, appear a lot on Korean TV and YouTube, and there are many Korean singers cover. Reporters please introduce Westlife, write the song title and the lyrics. Who is that? All I can say is ignorance.

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