What can happen when there are Chinese and Taiwanese in the same idol group

If they make a mistake, it can be a huge mistake..

original post: theqoo

1. Why did she say such things without thinking? Shuhua answered so well

2. The Chinese support one China and don’t recognize Taiwan as a country. How can she ask a Taiwanese kid what country you are from without knowing what kind of question it is?

3. This question is scary

4. Wow Shuhua handled it so well

5. Asking Shuhua about her nationality is crazy.. If Shuhua didn’t answer well, she would have received a lot of criticism from the Chinese, Taiwanese and Koreans

6. Hey… Did they fight before filming this?

7. Shuhua did so well…

8. I wish Korean idols only had Korean nationality

9. I will stop spending money on this stupid group

10. Shuhua and the fans watching the video must have had chills down their spines

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