Goo Hara, ex-boyfriend, controversy about ptosis surgery -> extreme selection -> the next trial

What causes Goo Hara to choose suicide?

Goo Hara after the controversy with her ex-boyfriend, suspected of ptosis surgery and prepared the next trial on May 30. She was depressed leading to extreme selection.

original post: naver

1.[+902, -18] Why do you die? Live happily ever after.

2. [+300, -24] Evil people have no conscience, they are not human beings – they are demons.

3. [+177, -13] Don’t… don’t do that. You have to live. Don’t

4. [+150, -11] I don’t want any more tragic events to happen.

5. [+204, -70] That is a big problem for her ex-boyfriend, but ptosis surgery was not worth arguing, all in malicious commentators.

6. [+34, -5] The guy who made you this way opened a shop. But why are you doing that? Why are you the only one who’s guilty and immoral? Because she’s a woman? Because she’s a celebrity? Don’t lose. No matter what anyone says, you should love yourself.

7. [+33, -6] Celebrity is a very tiring job. I know she made a lot of money even if she retired from this job, but she couldn’t live happily doing whatever she wanted to do. It’s amazing how controversial and sexually abusive celebrities are people who don’t leave the industry ….

8. [+23, -4] Post on Instagram must be a sign that says: ‘Save me’. She did not intend to die. I mean, I think life is important. Many people support you, so do whatever you want to do, your life is like Sulli.

9. [+19, -0] Life is precious. Hara, I’m not a fan. This is something that will make your life worth … You have a family you love. Then you come back to your daily routine. Many people also have their own hard work!!!

10. [+31, -15] But those who want to commit suicide will never give notice, it’s a kind of SOS signal she’s trying to announce.

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