What did Suga think to do something this stupid?

What did Suga think to do something this stupid?

Even the I-roaches aren’t shielding him on this one, and asking him to apologize

To be honest, isn’t this impossible to shield?
This is the same as using Chun Doohwan in a song

He still did this even if you knew it would be controversial, so he should be criticized, right?

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1. [+448, -25] Any other singers would have been criticized by the public, but why aren’t we even able to guess his intentions behind the song?ㅋㅋㅋ What an amazing artist

2. [+357, -25] So he used a mass murderer to criticize his haters? Can you use such a traumatic event that lightly? And ARMYs are saying that he uses this to show it’s trash? I don’t understand why he thinks it’s cool?

3. [+308, -15] No but why are people calling this a troll? Why are people shielding this?

4. [+237, -15] BTS and ARMYs are like a cult.. If their bias makes a mistake, they’re going to rush into creating PDFs, they’re always burying everything down everyday

5. [+210, -45] If someone wants to repeat their own controversies, it must be BTS..

6. [+166, -2] Those famous BTS I-roaches aren’t even shielding them, so you know for sure that this is a big problemㅋㅋ

7. [+135, -5] If you say you’re an artist in your own mouth, you should be responsible for your actions first..

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