What is the best intro of BTS Jimin?

1. Save Me

2. Blood Sweat & Tears

3. Boy With Luv

4. ON

original post: theqoo

1. I thought of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’, but I couldn’t choose because all of his intros were good

2. When I listened to ‘Blood Sweat & Tears for the first time, I heard his voice and thought it was a famous female singer

3. The intro of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ was legendary

4. Boy With Luv! Everyone seems to choose ‘Blood Sweat & Tears,
so I chose ‘Boy With Luv’ㅠㅠㅠ

5. Jimin’s intros are good, but the most impact is ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’

6. Save Me is the best for me

7. I’m not a BTS fan, but I choose ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’

8. Everything is good, but ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ was legendary

9. Boy With Luv!

10. Boy With Luv and Blood Sweat & Tears were legendary

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