What is the idol controversy you hate the most?

Not in particular order

  1. Misogyny
  2. In a relationship with boyfriend/girlfriend
  3. Acting like they hate fans
  4. School violence
  5. Smoking, drinking underage
  6. Frequent club goer
  7. Personality scandal

What do you hate the most?

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1. [+320, -4] Girlfriend, wedding, pre-marriage pregnancy, this combination is daebak. I had experience with it and it was amazing. Even though I knew he had a girlfriend long time ago… But this is the worst controversy in my opinion.

2. [+279, -4] But nothing beats being called a baby’s dad because of pregnancy

3. [+252, -2] I can’t forgive someone who was once a bully. You can clean up everything you want and even if it’s stuff from the past, and misogyny.. I will be turned off

4. [+87, -1] That one who abandoned his pet was legendary..

5. [+61, -1] I feel like misogyny is something that society is trying to change right now, so I can understand their mindset in the past. But going forward, I will not tolerate severe misogyny and I would just leave the fandom

6. [+50, -0] Kim Jongdae, these 3 words are controversial

7. [+49, -0] Girlfriend + marriage + pre-marriage pregnancy, is there anything worse than that;;

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