What is the representative song of BTS?

BTS has achieved many achievements with each song with a high stable career since its debut.
So if you mention BTS representative songs, there are really many different opinions.
What is the representative song of BTS they think?

(This is an example for reference)

1. Fire (2016)
It’s been 3 years since its release, all performances, the song is used in bgm on YouTube, etc.
Introducing the song, Suga’s “Burning Up” is so flexible that even if you have never heard this song, I’m sure you’ve heard Suga’s “Burning Up”.
There are many KPOP fans who think that ‘Fire’ is the beginning song for BTS’ big success (individual).

2. Blood Sweat & Tears (2016)
BTS songs are always increasing, but this is a song that shows a strong increase.
I think this song has ensured that the general public is fully informed about BTS names and songs.
The boy group that debuted as a hip-hop idol has for the first time introduced another concept and I think it’s a very successful concept.

3. Spring Day (2017)
BTS is always refreshing with their songs, but Spring Day is special.
The song is a great recording, and even now, after 2 years of release, Spring Day is still ranked no. 1 of BTS songs and ranks well on music charts.
Especially because the song has attracted people in middle age who are prejudiced against idols’ music.

4. DNA (2017)
Between Spring Day and DNA, there is a lot of significance for BTS. DNA ranked high on Billboard.
I think it is the most widely published BTS song as well as the album and the achievement it has achieved since its debut.
Perhaps the most popular is not DNA?

5. Boy With Luv (2019)
The title track of the album was released after achieving achievements such as attending Grammy, Billboard awards.
It was a boy band BTS that always renewed their career, but this song shows many trends in different ways and it rises to the rank of the hit song.
I was surprised and I thought it was great that I could also digest it.

(I personally skipped the previous songs, Fake Love, IDOL is a bit unusual when watching this as a representative song, but if you have any other comments, please write the song title under the comment)

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1.I personally think Blood Sweat & Tears and Fake Love.

2. The most popular on TV is Blood Sweat & Tears. They became more famous after this song.

3. BST and Fire, the song that makes BTS known by the public is the same, but Fire is the more popular song.

4. Is it ‘Fire’? I think anyone knows that it’s a BTS song.

5. It is ‘Fire’. Something says the beginning of excitement on YouTube.

6. I feel that the strong performance is representative of BTS. I feel Fire, BST, and MIC Drops are a typical feeling.

7. If it is a representative song, I think ‘Fire’ is a popular song to the public and I think I have heard a lot in entertainment shows. It is said that Spring Day’ music scores are good, but in fact, I know the song in the spring.

8. In Korea is BST and overseas is Fire

9. I think it’s BST, but my favorite song is Spring Day and Boy With Luv.

10. Previously Spring Day, but now Boy With Luv.

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