Kim Seon Ho’s statement “I’m sorry”

What netizens say about Kim Seon Ho apologizing for scandal involving his ex-girlfriend

“I had hoped to meet with her again in order to deliver my sincere apology, I’m waiting for that time when I am presented with the opportunity

I apologize to all those who trusted me and cheered me on until the end

I apologize to the many people who worked with me on various works for the harm which I have caused”

original post: theqoo

1. So it’s true, right? How many days did you spend writing this?? Meanwhile, the victim’s identity has been revealed… What should the victim do?

2. I guess he tried to come to an agreement with the woman, but she didn’t take the call from him

3. It’s true, he hasn’t even formally apologized to the woman yet

4. He ruined a woman’s life and pretended he didn’t know about it and continued to act like a celebrityㅋㅋ.. Really crazy

5. Just retire and stop appearing on TV

6. Once again I feel like we shouldn’t believe in the image of celebrities…

7. I really hate seeing his face on TV

8. I was so shocked. He’s a good actor, but how can you watch him on TV without thinking about what he did? I think he should retire

9. His fans are pitiful.. He’s just trash

10. I don’t want to see your face anymore…