Kim Seon Ho’s agency’s statement

“The agency is currently confirming the facts regarding the anonymous post”

original post: theqoo

1. This statement should have been released yesterday morning. Looks like they still haven’t reached an agreement with the victim

2. If they were going to post a statement like this, they should have posted it yesterday…

3. The agency and their staff are under a lot of pressure

4. Well, we shouldn’t judge a celebrity just by their looks

5. It’s not Kim Seon Ho’s statement, but the agency’s statement… I feel sorry for the agency staff

6. They should have posted this yesterday morning.. I guess the agency didn’t even have an answer ㅠㅠ

7. The staff are pitiful… (Of course, the victim is the most pitiful one)

8. I guess the agency couldn’t contact him, so they couldn’t do anything

9. They are saying that they are trying to come to an agreement with the victim..?

10. I waited more than 24 hours and here is the statement..? Wow I’m really disappointed..