NCT 127 ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ MV

original post: theqoo

1. I like the song and Jaehyun is seriously handsome

2. I really like the song.. Especially the chorus is crazy.. The song is so good

3. I think this song is the best among NCT 127’s songs that I like. The music video is so interesting, I love the concept…

4. I’m not a fan, but the song is good

5. Hul, this is the first time I feel NCT’s song is good. Do you think the public will like this song?

6. I really like the song, but it doesn’t match the choreography + MV, so you better just listen to the song,,,

7. I feel like the music video and the song don’t match

8. The song is good.. The members are all cool, but the outfits are a bit disappointing

9. The song is good but the MV is a bit disappointing

10. I really like the song, it’s the best among NCT’s songs

11. The song is good but the MV is so bad