‘Snowdrop’ specially arranged episode hits 1.853%… ‘The Red Sleeve’ hits 12.8%

original post: theqoo

1. I bet even if the rating is low, they will still air it until the last episode

2. Well, it’s better than I thought

3. I’m surprised that 1.8% is still higher than I thought

4. I was surprised because it was higher than I expected.. I wish for 0%

5. ‘Snowdrop’ episode 4 rating will be 0.001%

6. The ratings are not the problem, the content of this drama shouldn’t be released to the world

7. It’s amazing that there are people watching ‘Snowdrop’

8. The two of them are idol actors, but Junho was praised for his acting, while Jisoo was criticized for her acting

9. I hope there is no drama like this in the future

10. I watched it for a while and it wasn’t even fun.. Jisoo’s acting is so clumsy