Soojin leaves (G)I-DLE

On August 14, Cube stated, “As of today, it’s been decided Soojin will withdraw from the team,” adding that (G)I-DLE will continue as a 5-member group

original post: theqoo

1. Please apologize to Shin Ae

2. Well~ Hyunjin-ah, Lia-ah, what are you doing~~

3. They still have a Chinese member in the group, so I have no intention of consuming their music

4. Everyone worked so hard, I will support (G)I-DLE more

5. Now I can listen to (G)I-DLE’s songs

6. I wish the other gangsters would leave their groups too

7. Don’t think of making a comeback again

8. What are other agencies doing? JYP, SM…

9. Did she not apologize to the victim?

10. I will support Miyeon and Soyeon

11. When will Irene leave the group?

12. I’m looking forward to (G)I-DLE’s new song… I hope the rest of the members do well

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