Winners of 2021 MAMA

Artist of the Year = BTS
Song of the Year = BTS “Butter”
Album of the Year = BTS “BE”
Worldwide Icon of the Year = BTS

Rookie of the Year = Aespa, ENHYPEN

Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 = Stray Kids, NCT DREAM, NCT 127, ENHYPEN, TXT, BTS, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, SEVENTEEN, TREASURE, TWICE

KTO (Korean Tourism Organization) Breakout Artist = Brave Girls

Best Band Performance = JANNABI
Best Vocal Performance = IU
Best Dance Performance (Solo) = BLACKPINK’s Rosé
Best Dance Performance (Female Group) = Aespa
Best Dance Performance (Male Group) = BTS

Best Hip Hop & Urban Music = ASH ISLAND
Best OST = Jo Jung Suk
Best Collaboration = AKMU “NAKKA” (feat.IU)

TikTok Favorite Moment = BTS
Best Music Video = BTS

Best Asian Artist (Japan) = JO1
Favorite Asian Artist = INI
Favorite International Artist = Ed Sheeran

Best Group (Female) = TWICE
Best Artist (Female) = IU
Best Group (Male) = BTS
Best Artist (Male) = Baekhyun

Best Executive Producer of the Year = Bang Si Hyuk
Best Producer of the Year = Teddy
Best Composer of the Year = Yoo Young Jin
Best Engineer of the Year = Gu Jong Pil, Kwon Nam Woo
Best Video Director of the Year = Lumpens
Choreographer of the Year = Leejung Lee
Best Art Director of the Year = MU:E

original post: theqoo

1. Kingtan

2. Best Asian Artist (Japan) = JO1, Favorite Asian Artist = INI, This is so funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. BTS is amazing

4. It’s a pity that ITZY and ATEEZ didn’t get any awards

5. What popular songs did Teddy produce this year??

6. Congratulations to Aespa

7. Congratulations to TWICE

8. Rosé got the Best Dance Performance, congratulations

9. I’m so proud of BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Congratulations to ENHYPEN