Aespa ‘Savage’ The Performance Stage #1

original post: theqoo

1. They’re so good… The song is hard to listen to but I think I’ll get addicted to this song after listening to it a few times;

2. They look so pretty with those outfits

3. There were a lot of opinions about whether they sang live or not, so I watched the videoㅋㅋ I wonder if it’s fake because they always keep their mouths small even when they sing high notes. Anyway, the song is so unique…

4. Wow, I like the video, I watch it without getting bored. Meanwhile, Karina is tall and cool

5. Aespa is good on stage, they’re pretty and good at everything

6. Well, I never thought I would love NingNing so much…

7. They are so pretty and good on stage

8. NingNing’s voice is so good

9. Wow the thumbnail is crazy. I love the stage so much

10. Winter is crazy, she’s doing so well

11. I like the stage, everything is good, I like their outfits