What I want to see at music awards ceremonies at the end of the year

BoA awarded the Daesang to TWICE (MAMA)

Eugene awarded the Daesang to BTS (MMA)

Shin Seung Hun awarded the Daesang to BTS (MAMA)

Seniors in the music industry or senior singers are the ones who give awards to singers, not actors

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1. I agree

2. Senior singers and legendary singers, please come and give awards to juniors

3. Why do actors attend the singer awards ceremony?

4. That seems to be happy moment for both the giver and the winner, let’s do this

5. I don’t want to see actors come out promoting their movies

6. Honestly, I don’t really get it, the actors have nothing to do with awards at the singer awards ceremony….

7. I was so touched when Shin Seung Hun appeared last year.. I love what seniors give to their juniors

8. Please, I think this will make the juniors feel 100 times more proud

9. Please ㅠ I want to see first generation idols

10. I like this

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