What was the hottest/most popular topic in the 2010s?

‘Let it go’ fever

Produce series (hot topic 2019)

‘I Am a Singer’ interruption

‘Gangnam Style’ fever

The battle of Superstar K 2 ~ Superstar K 3

Cherry Blossom Ending

(t/n: “Cherry Blossom Ending” is well known for re-entering the music charts every spring in South Korea, earning the nicknames “Spring Carol” and “Cherry Blossom Zombie”)

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1. Gangnam Style

2. Gangnam Style & BTS

3. Gangnam Style & BTS 2222222

4. I thought of ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’ㅋㅋ

5. For me, it’s Produce series

6. I think the impact of the BTS phenomenon was the strongest.

7. Gangnam style is really overwhelming

8. All + Wanna One and BTS

9. Gangnam Style > Superstar K > Let it go > I Am a Singer > Produce

10. Isn’t ‘Gangnam Style’ world class?

11. Cherry Blossom Ending

12. Gangnam style, Let it go, BTS

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