Which boy group main vocal do you think is the best?

Among the main vocals of boy groups and without any fan sentiments, who do you think is the best…?

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1. [+216, -26] Seo Eunkwang, Yang Yoseob, Boo Seungkwan, Sandeul

2. [+173, -28] On another community, Kim Jaehwan, Seo Eunkwang, Dokyeom, and Chen were chosen as the best vocalists among 3rd generation and ex-idols! (It’s not my own opinion, and a lot of people agree with this)

3. [+114, -29] Seo Eunkwang

4. [+86, -6] Seo Eunkwang, Dokyeom and Kim Jongdae, and Kang Seungyoon too

5. [+73, -6] Seo Eunkwang, Chen, Baekhyun, Seungkwan, Dokyeom

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