Which fandom has the strongest mentality?

Which fandom do you think has the strongest mentality? For me, it’s EXO-L…

Which fandom has the strongest mentality?

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1. [+357, -5] 3 dating scandals, 3 members left the group, 1 premarital pregnancy + marriage, I think no fandom suffered as much as EXO-L?? The strongest mentality goes to EXO-L… For reference, I’m an EXO-L and I can even feel how strong my mind is

2. [+311, -5] I’m an ARMY, but I think it’s EXO-L.. The premarital pregnancy was just the peak… Does it make sense that there is no group promotion?

3. [+257, -5] It’s EXO-L… There’s no fandom who can win over them

4. [+97, -0] EXO-L is just a wall… Even though it was stressful to fight with other fandom, the dating scandals, members leaving and premarital pregnancy are just… If it was another fandom, their mentality would be crushed

5. [+72, -0] People are saying EXO-L which makes me feel f*cking weird. I still don’t believe that

6. [+57, -22] It’s EXO-L.. All the fandoms who has never went through wedding news, shut up

7. [+50, -0] Honestly, it’s EXO-L

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