Which title song that have a high expectations of SM Girlgroup you like the most?

1.Girls Generation – The Boys
I can tell you’re looking at me I know what you see any closer and you’ll Feel the heat
I’m be the hottest in this spot There ain’t no stopping me
Wanna know my secrets But no I’ll never tell Cuz I got the magic touch And I’m not trying to fail. That’s right

2.f(x) – Red Light
This is real life, don’t even know what’s wrong
Listen to the person who’s warning you, Red Light
Boy your excuses of trying your best are just filled with doubts to me

3.Red Velvet – RBB
Kickin’ it with my girls, let’s party
All the girls say, all the girls say

original post: theqoo

1.I like all song.

2. I like the third one!

3. RBB is a different…… I liked Peek A Boo and Bad Boy but suddenly it’s change..

4. Except for f(x), I’ve lost a interest.

5. I like the boys the most.

6. Red light is a GodSong.

7. I really like red light!

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