Why did the top stars of Japanese girl groups choose to come to Korea?

original post: theqoo

1. The style is much better, the concept is better and the way agencies treat female idols is better, there’s no reason not to go to Korea

2. They come here because Korea is a good environment for female idols. In Japan, they are s*xually harassed. That’s why if they get a chance, they’ll go to Korea

3. I like Sakura, but it’s embarrassing to say that she’s a top star… Before Produce, Sakura was only known as a member of HKT, and the public didn’t know her well

4. Are you kidding me?… Who is the top star of the Japanese girl group?

5. Just by looking at these photos, we can understand why Japanese idols want to leave their country

6. I don’t care, there is still no successful Japanese idol after coming to Korea

7. This article is not about Sakura as a top star, but rather to explain why the Japanese entered the Korean entertainment industry

8. Is it because there are many Korean groups that are popular overseas? Any other reason?

9. Sakura, what did she do after graduation? Honestly, there was nothing she could do

10. Top Japanese stars who only work in Japan