Why is BLACKPINK’s new song’s ranking like that?

Wasn’t the song released yesterday?

original post: theqoo

1. [+636, -798] The song isn’t good but the MV is good ㅜ Jennie’s expressions were so amazing

2. [+633, -425] Selena carried both the MV and the song, so BLACKPINK got overshadowed…. Looks like Selena and her 4 dancers

3. [+366, -126] The song is f*cking bad

4. [+216, -52] But am I the only one who likes the song? I sing “Ice cream chillin” every day

5. [+156, -44] Fact = BLACKPINK Spotify

6. [+152, -15] The song is too boring… I don’t even know where the chorus is

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