BTS Jin, cool summer fashion

Why is BTS Jin so freaking handsome at the airport today

BTS Jin departs from Seoul Gimpo International Airport on the afternoon of July 12 to attend the schedule in Japan.

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1.[+260, -2] BTS Jin, have a nice trip.

2. [+161, -5] Pacific shoulders, glasses! The blue shirt looks great to him! Jin, have a nice trip.

3. [+108, -3] The world’s most beautiful sculpture, great body proportions, wide shoulders like pacific, king voice. This is the perfect man, has good personality and always has a kind heart, humorous. I want to meet him once.

4. [+99, -1] Today’s great Jin

5. [+65, -1] Jin is the best

6. [+33, -1] Face, body proportions, shoulder, everything is perfect World Wide Handsome. Jin~ Have a good performance.

7. [+22, -1] With glass , worldwide handsome. And that hair colour killed me.

8. [+21, -1] Jin is so handsome with black hair. Of course, he is still gorgeous.

9. [+16, -1] Seokjin in glasses is a killer. Love the look. So handsome

10. [+16, -1] Kim Seokjin’s cute face and wide shoulders

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