Why is Momo’s styling like that?

Looking at her makeup, they keep giving her full lips every day and it doesn’t even suit her, and she’s the only one who wears those undies-look-alike outfits, and her skirt is so short.

Just look at her covering her clothes, please change TWICE’s coordi and makeup artist.

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1. [+291, -8] What the hell is this? Why are they giving her underwears..

2. [+197, -6] No but if this is not underwear, what is it.. TWICE’s coordi is insane

3. [+116, -16] This is too much.. TWICE digests this with their faces though

4. [+77, -2] Sana’s clothes are so weird.. TWICE’s coordi is seriously talentless

5. [+65, -1] Are they crazy? It looks like some kind of lingerie, this makes me imagine all the things men will say about her on male communities.

6. [+50, -4] Every time a member from a group gets into a dating controversy, they always try to mess with them after.. This is the disgusting truth that I see

7. [+47, -1] But is that really not underwear…??

8. [+25, -0] Please, I want to change TWICE’s coordi and makeup artist. Both their clothes and makeup are so bad.

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