Why is Winter’s face like this on MAMA red carpet?

Look at her skin;;;

Her hairstyle, makeup, and outfit are f*cking weird too

original post: pann

1. [+122, -9] I heard that other celebrities are also stressed because their skin isn’t good. They have busy schedules and they can’t get much sleep, but if they put on heavy makeup, their skin condition will be worse, unless they have super strong skin. Even if you don’t feel sorry for her, if you take screenshots and mock her with bad intentions, your personality is really ugly, your life is pathetic

2. [+100, -12] I’m a fan of another idol, but her skin can look different depending on her condition

3. [+76, -21] If you are a celebrity, you must have beautiful skin every day?

4. [+17, -6] But no matter how bad it is, SM will take good care of her, so why is her skin like that?

5. [+11, -2] They put on heavy makeup every day, so it’s hard for them to have beautiful skin